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Department of Information Studies

LIS academic offerings

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The Department of Information Studies will offer the following six programmes in 2017. Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS), Bachelor of Arts-Information Science (BA-IS), Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science (PGDLIS), Honours-Bachelor of Information Science (BLIS-HON), , Master’s of Library and Information Science (MLIS) and PhD Undergraduate Degree programme will only be offered if the student intake exceeds 10 at level one.


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Information Studies (IS) Annual Conference Announcement

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Information Studies (IS) 2016 Annual Conference Announcement, University of Zululand, South Africa

We wish to invite you to participate from 6th -8th September 2017 in the 18th Information Studies (IS) conference at the University of Zululand, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. This year’s conference theme is “Trends in the management of e-content in the digital era”

We contend that with the explosion of the digital era, the management of e-content has brought to the fore continuous debate regarding challenges of evidence, trust, integrity and provenance of information and knowledge in the quest to build a world that values openness, democracy and accountability. We are especially aware that contending issues associated with challenges to the management of e-content in information and knowledge flow – such as access, ethics, policy, standards, infrastructure, and security in the digital era remain a concern in Africa.  We concede that several advances have been made in the world in the development and deployment of information and knowledge support systems and services that enable the credible creation, discovery, sharing, use and management of e-content to support public sector reforms, private sector transparency and civil society governance but acknowledge that more still need to be done.

This years’ 18th IS conference seeks to unravel issues related to the general management and challenges of e-content such as evidence, trust, integrity and provenance of information and knowledge in the digital era in building an open and accountable society. The conference will thus take an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dimension to information and knowledge management and will attempt to bring together all information and knowledge workers in Africa and beyond from different LIS knowledge fields/domains  such as archival science, records management, knowledge management, media and publishing, information science, information systems and computing that support and develop e-content in the new information and knowledge dispensation in the digital era. Our aim is to create cross-disciplinary linkages of the views that would deliver richer, deeper and clearer scholarly perspective and practice on the different aspects of the management of e-content.  The conference will enable the interrogation of theories, methodologies, technologies and practices that can be used to manage e-content in contemporary information and knowledge society.

We anticipate that the 2017 18th IS annual conference will  provide an international open forum for academics, students, researchers, knowledge and information managers and authorities, and information and communication related professionals, largely from Africa, to converge, discuss, and share knowledge and experiences on the conference theme, with an emphasis on the progress made in Africa. for conference update

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